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Death of Ryan O’Neal, actor of Love Story and Barry Lyndon

Ryan O’Neal is dead

Born on April 20, 1941 in Los Angeles, the actor Ryan O’Neal dies at 82. The announcement was made on December 8, 2023 by Patrick O’Neal, the actor’s son. It’s via a post on his Instagram account who shared this information, explaining that his father was “he died peacefully with loving people by his side“. Patrick O’Neal then talked about how much he admired his father, who had “he has always been (her) hero“, and presented the actor as a “Hollywood legend“.

He performed 500 shows in 5 years. And, of course, his name skyrocketed after Love Story, which saved Paramount Studios and earned my father a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The cause of Ryan O’Neal’s death has not yet been specified Expiration says the comedian had been battling health issues for years. He was reportedly diagnosed with leukemia in 2001 andstage 4 prostate cancer in 2012.

The face of love story AND Barry Lyndon

If Ryan O’Neal’s face refers above all to love story (1970), the actor began to get noticed on television for the first time. His regular role in the soap opera Peyton Place (1964 – 1969) allowed him to gain notoriety. But it didn’t take long for him to turn towards cinema and so it was in 1970 that he became a real star with Love Story, considered the one of the greatest romantic films. In fact, even the feature film, brought forward by Ali MacGraw, was released at a time when studios were at rock bottom. It took this surprise success love storyso that of Godfatherto get Paramount back on track and relaunch the sector.

Love story ©Paramount
Love story ©Paramount

Following this decisive turning point in his career (love story it applies to him an Oscar nomination), Ryan O’Neal takes over the roles. He first worked with Peter Bogdanovich for Shall we pack our bags, doctor? (1972) with Barbra Streisand, before landing another of his biggest roles. Since 1975, Stanley Kubrick ordered him to play the main character in The Ambitious Man Barry Lyndon. A masterpiece of the seventh art awarded with four Oscars in the technical categories.

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From Driver has Bone

Next, Ryan O’Neal crossed paths with Isabelle Adjani Driver (1978) by Walter Hill, in which he plays the lead role. The actor thus demonstrates his ability to embody different characters. However, the 80s are less prolific for him with many films much less memorable than the previous ones. He disappeared almost completely from screens in the 1990s, only to return occasionally. At the cinema he accompanies a nice cast made up of Al Pacino and Kim Basinger Influences (2002) before returning further on the small screen.

Ryan O'Neal - Bones ©FOX
Ryan O’Neal – Bones ©FOX

He plays Rodney Scavo Desperate Housewives (2005), but above all it becomes Max Keenan in the series Bone (2006-2017), his latest role. Meanwhile, he was still directed by one last great filmmaker, Terrence Malick for his film Knight of Cups (2015) alongside Christian Bale.

Source: Cine Serie

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