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JK Rowling takes pranks from Russians impersonating Ukrainian President Zelensky in zoom call

JK Rowling was a victim of fraud by a pair of pranksters who cheated on her Harry Potter The author believed he had made a Zoom call with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the video below, which was first discovered online by the Rowling Library on Tuesday, Rowling is tricked into wearing Russian comedy costumes of Vovan and Lexus, who are known to prank celebrities. Her past victims are Elton John, Prince Harry, Billy Elish, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and George W. Bush.

The author’s spokesperson called the lie “disgusting” and noted: “JK reached out to Rowling to discuss her extensive philanthropic work in Ukraine to support children and families affected by the ongoing conflict in the region. distorted from the conversation.”

In an increasingly awkward 12-minute video, pranksters point out that the lightning bolt scar on Harry Potter’s forehead resembles the “Z” the Russian military placed on tanks during the invasion of Ukraine and has become a symbol of support. . War between the Russians. Rowling was asked if she would change the symbol to a Ukrainian three. “I’ll discuss it,” she assured her. “It might be good for me to do something about it on social media, because I think it’s going to be in the papers.”

The pair pressured Rowling over whether Dumbledore was actually gay and asked who he was sleeping with, noting that “I hope he’s not transgender”.

The duo told Rowling they were writing “Avada Kedavra” – Curse of Murder Harry Potter Franchise – About Missiles.

The Zelensky impersonator appeared to only have audio at the time of the call (so he didn’t need any polyjuice potions to do the trick). But at one point they turned on the webcam to introduce the “Ukrainian Order of the Phoenix,” a trio wearing T-shirts with the words “Only Putin” in Russian. “We are reading Harry Potter Battalion soldiers. …just don’t read his snippets about mestizos [as] “They’re nationalists and they don’t like these people,” Prankers said.

Rowling Lumos Charity works to help vulnerable children and families in the Zhytomyr region and authored Actively Promotion play On twitter.

The pranksters said, “I want to explain where they are sending the money that Lumos has raised. “We want to buy a lot of weapons and missiles with your money to destroy Russian troops. I hope everyone agrees with that.” Rowling replied, “We take care of children, but I really want Ukraine to have all the weapons it needs.”

Aside from the specifics of the jokes, Vovani and Lexus have been criticized in the past for frequently targeting high-profile people who criticize Russia’s foreign policy, leading some to suspect they are state actors.

Rowling’s last job was co-producer and producer. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s SecretsWhich has just started airing on HBO Max.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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