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Josh Richards Creates TV Shows and Produces First Studios for Amazon Studios –

Josh Richards, TikTok star and co-founder of CrossCheck Studios, will create and produce television content exclusively for Amazon Studios in the first deal, the company said Thursday.

It remains to be seen what he will do after he leaves office, but an Amazon Studios spokesperson told reporters. the hollywood reporter That the transaction does not reflect the fixed number of shows that Richards must prepare.

Amazon will also leverage Richards’ social media credentials with a creative and entrepreneurial flair to create custom social content for Amazon Studios IP and other brands available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service such as thursday night football, Whose exclusive rights were acquired by Amazon this year.

Additional transaction terms reported for the first time variety, It was not revealed.

Richards gained popularity on TikTok, where he now has over 25.6 million followers. In recent years, Richards has focused on the business side of the developer industry, where he is a co-founder and current partner at VC Foundation Animal Capital, which focuses on Gen Z and digital creators, and is a former co-founder. TalentX, a management and production company at the service of content creators. Last year, Richards also teamed up with unrealistic ideas from Mark Wahlberg to launch the media company CrossCheck Studios, which brought in former ICM agent Chris Sotel as president and co-founder.

“We are thrilled to welcome Josh and his amazing team to Amazon Studios and Prime Video,” said Lee Stimmel, Prime Video’s Influential Marketing Manager. “Josh has an incredible track record of creating compelling content that resonates with millions of his fans. We can’t wait to create social content formats with Josh that will delight our customers around the world.”

“Josh is the perfect person and creative partner when we open Thursday Night Football on Prime Video,” added Nick Pepper, Creative Content Director at Amazon Studios. “We’re looking forward to seeing all the creative intelligence from Josh and CrossCheck Studios.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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