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Netflix CEO clears up the misunderstanding about upcoming ads on the streaming service

Even TV aficionados who haven’t made the decision to stream yet know something very important about it: Netflix is ​​the ancestor of our current streaming wars. And many, many people (around the world) trust them netflix subscriptions so that they can observe the near infinite shows on netflix (not to mention the best movies on netflix ). This means that most subscribers were surprised when the service announced earlier this year that it was working to bring advertisements to the streaming giant for the first time …sometimes. Now, however, co-CEO Ted Sarandos has dispelled a huge misunderstanding on the matter ads on netflix .

What did Ted Sarandos say about upcoming Netflix commercials?

While millions of people probably (not so fondly, perhaps) remember receiving and then returning those flimsy red Netflix envelopes in the mail, the company has become much more known and appreciated for what it led to streaming. Throughout his existence as a streamer so far, Netflix was ad-free at all prices but with this change in the near future, Ted Sarandos, who recently spoke at the Cannes Lions advertising festival (via the Hollywood reporter ) wanted to clarify one aspect of this plan for subscribers and stated:

We are adding an ad layer; we don’t add ads to Netflix as you know today. We’re adding an ad tier for people who say “Hey, I want a lower price and I’ll watch ads.”

Ahhh! Do we all understand now? Listen, I fully understand the disappointment and / or panic that must have gripped many subscribers when they learned that ads were about to become a thing on Netflix. Currently, there are three tiers of membership priced at $ 9.99, $ 15.49, and $ 19.99. Can you imagine paying for any streaming service, spending years ad-free, and then suddenly having to deal with ads before, during, or after your binge? Strange thingsThis is Love is blind? It would be scandalous! And the last thing Netflix wants to do right now is piss off subscribers.

In recent years, several viewers have complained that their favorite shows were canceled before the stories reached a real conclusion. Many of those subscribers would cancel Netflix (like the Fans of the science fiction series Dearly Departed, the OA who asked for huge cancellations for missing out on the drama ). But, in addition, Netflix saw a much larger drop in subscribers earlier this year, just before it decided it would be a good idea to create an ad-supported rate plan for people who don’t care about ads.

Netflix announced that it has lost around 200,000 subscribers late April, causing the company’s stock price to plummet. Other than that, many people have been too angry at the streamer for firing more employees Recently. So I can definitely see how doing this particular move with a new ad-based tier would be the best way for Netflix to eventually win back some subscribers without upsetting their current viewers. Fortunately, none of us will have to deal with ads on Netflix if we don’t want to.

Source: Cinemablend

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