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Red One: catastrophic filming for Dwayne Johnson’s new film?

A visibly chaotic production for Red One

For his next project, Dwayne Johnson has chosen to appear in a Christmas action comedy. He will then be exposed in Red One. The plot of the film is currently unknown, but we already know who Luke Hobbs will play in the saga Fast & Furious this time Chris Evans will answer.

Second The casingthe filming of Red One was postponed several times. Finally it was possible. But, according to American media, the film’s production was a real nightmare for the people involved. Dwayne Johnson is to blame.

Dwayne Johnson is implicated

The casing carried out an investigation into the shooting of Red One. And the result paints an unflattering picture of the film’s star. According to sources interviewed by the media, Dwayne Johnson particularly annoyed members of the film crew due to one of his habits: to save time, the star pees in a bottle on the sets of his films. But these are above all its constant delays that are identified.

According to production members interviewed by The casingDwayne Johnson was average seven-eight hours late on the set of Red One ! Some days, the actor simply isn’t even he didn’t come to shoot his scenes. Because of this, the production costs of the feature film skyrocketed. They have thus reached approx Another 50 million dollars compared to the initially expected amount.

A lack of professionalism was highlighted

The actor’s frequent delays do not appear Don’t be new. The casing reports that the one who is nicknamed The rock had regularly “three or four hours late” during the production of Dancers. A producer interviewed by the media even states that those responsible for the series had to rent locations where they could shoot as many scenes as possible with other characters, while waiting for Dwayne Johnson. “he decides whether or not he would come to the set.”

The filming of Fury apparently it was another example of lack of professionalism by Dwayne Johnson. This time it was average four or five hours latealways second The casing. One of his co-stars in that film even kept a diary about how late he was.

Delays causing problems with his co-stars?

These delays could also be at the beginning of his fight with Vin Diesel. Always second The casingthe interpreter of Dom Toretto in the saga Fast & Furious he got angry with Dwayne Johnson precisely because the latter, once again, regularly arrived late to the set. And, once again, some days it didn’t happen at all.

Ryan Reynolds was also visibly upset against Dwayne Johnson. The two actors shared the poster of Red warning. Now, the one who first made a career in wrestling he made his playing partner wait for five hours during a day of filming. What caused it “a big shouting match” between two. Afterwards, they didn’t speak to each other for years, before recently reconciling.

No more than four or five hours of work a day?

But why is Dwayne Johnson so often late by several hours? The casing he also believes he knows the answer to this question. According to media reports, this is due to the fact that the actor he simply refuses to work more than four or five hours a day. Another source interviewed by the media claims that the actor adopted this attitude because he likes to be in control.

The investigation of The casing so it clearly damages Dwayne Johnson’s reputation. The latter regularly boasts about his strong work ethic. But clearly, he doesn’t really stand by what he says. With great consequences on the production of his films.

The production of Red One it is therefore an example of this. In addition to going over budget, the film will be released in theaters almost a year late. He’ll come November 15, 2024 on Prime Video, after originally being slated for 2023.

Source: Cine Serie

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