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Netflix fiasco: The big inspiration for the series isn’t what you think

Fiasco : Pierre Niney’s hilarious prisons are on Netflix

Netflix released the series online Fiasco on April 30, and it’s definitely not to be missed. A new delirium imagined by Igor Gotesman (Family business, Five) AND Pierre Niney. In it, the latter plays Raphaël, a director who is trying to make his first film. But the young and inexperienced director continues the fights during filming. First of all because he is unable to impose himself on his team and his actors, then because he continues to make mistakes. In particular, a speech in front of his technicians that will turn into a nightmare and will be the source of a bad buzz. The situation descends into chaos and neither the producer Jean-Marc nor the first assistant Magali will be of much help to Raphaël…

Fiasco ©Netflix
Fiasco ©Netflix

These are played by Géraldine Nakache and Pascal Demolon, both in excellent form, as well as François Civil, Leslie Medina, Louise Coldefy and the young Juliette Gasquet. With this casting, it’s hard not to laugh at this comedy that has everything of a “The office on a shoot”. It is probably the first work you think of when faced with it Fiasco, since we find the same concept of reporting. Because if The Office saw cameras following the daily life of a small company, here it is a making of the film of Raphael that we discover.

Also, part of the comedy of Fiasco it’s based on the discomfort caused by the characters, like Michael Scott in his time. Let’s also think about the excellent series plane tree by Eric Judor, absolutely embarrassing. But the great influence of Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney’s series lies elsewhere.

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The office, plane treebut most of all Damn Kassovitz

In fact, on the occasion of the promotion of the Netflix series, Pierre Niney and Géraldine Nakache participated in the podcast Floodcast by Florent Bernard and Adrien Ménielle. The opportunity for them to discuss films that actually had chaotic filmingAS Babylon AD (2008) Mathieu Kassovitz, which was a critical and commercial failure. But the film worn by Vin Diesel is also known He’s doing, Damn Kassovitz (2011)directed by François-Régis, and in which we discover in particular all the problems that the French director had with the American star.

It was (Fucking Kassovitz) that inspired us the most” said Pierre Niney during the show, recalling in particular how this production was a disaster.

They blew it up without filming. They launched all the explosions which cost I don’t know how many millions of dollars.

Like the making of Babylon AD, which highlights the efforts of Mathieu Kassovitz, Fiasco takes the side of the director played by Pierre Niney, without attributing responsibility for the failure to him. He’s just overwhelmed by events, which makes him endearing in a way. Fiasco can be discovered on Netflix.

Source: Cine Serie

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