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Emily in Paris: Netflix reveals the release date of season 4 but there is a problem

Emily in Paris will soon return to Netflix

Coming to Netflix in 2020, Emily in Paris it quickly became one of the most popular series on the platform worldwide and helped improve France’s image among Americans. For three seasons, subscribers have followed the sufferings of Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, a young employee of a large Chicago marketing company, who comes to Paris to join a French agency.

Over the seasons, Emily has had to juggle her professional and personal future while trying to adapt to French life. The third season, broadcast at Christmas 2022, ended with a bang: Camille and Gabriel decided to get married unexpectedly (during their engagement) but the ceremony took an unexpected turn when Camille ultimately refused to marry Gabriel saying she didn’t want to say yes to a man in love with another, targeting Emily.

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Also shocked by this announcement, Alfie, Emily’s boyfriend, also left the ceremony. Emily and Gabriel then found themselves alone, and faced with their respective feelings. The last episode of the third season ended with a shocking revelation : Gabriel announced to Emily that Camille was pregnant. Information that should once again upset the fragile balance of the trio in season 4, eagerly awaited by fans.

Netflix announces the (double) release date for season 4

While season 4 ofEmily in Paris are currently filming, between Paris and Italy (it is rumored that Emily will take a few days off in Rome), Netflix has just revealed a behind-the-scenes video, in which Lily Collins reveals the airing date of these new episodes . And as is increasingly common among streaming platforms, this season 4 will be divided into two parts. The first will air on August 15th, the second on September 12th.

Enough to maximize fan expectations and ensure that these new episodes are widely watched.

Source: Cine Serie

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