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Tonight on TV: This ’80s movie traumatized an entire generation of viewers in just one scene

The Neverending Story: the cult film of an entire generation

Released in 1984, the film The Neverending Story by Wolfgang Petersen (and his song) is a cult for an entire generation of spectators. Based on the novel of the same name by Michael Ende, the feature film tells the adventure of Bastien, a shy and dreamy boy, victim of bullying at school, who finds refuge in a mysterious book entitled “The Neverending Story”.

While reading he finds himself transported to the fantastic world of Fantasia, a universe threatened by Nothingness, a dark force that destroys everything in its path. As Bastien progresses through the book, he realizes that he plays a crucial role in saving this magical world.

On his journey he meets Atreyu, a valiant young warrior, tasked with finding a cure for the little Empress, whose illness seems linked to Fantasia’s survival. He also meets Falkor, a lucky dragon, who helps Atreyu in his search for him.

A traumatic scene for children of the 80s

One of the most touching and traumatic scenes of The Neverending Story it is undoubtedly the death of Artax, Atreyu’s faithful horse. This scene takes place in the Marshes of Melancholy, a dark place where those who venture there are overcome by despair.

Artax, affected by the oppressive atmosphere of the swamps, slowly begins to sink into the mud. Despite Atreyu’s desperate pleas to motivate him to fight against the overwhelming sadness, Artax succumbs to melancholy and is swallowed up by the swamps, leaving Atreyu (Noah Hathaway) shocked and viewers torn apart.

This scene is often cited as one of the saddest and most shocking scenes in the history of children’s cinema. It represents the loss of a loved one through the character of Artax and highlights complex psychological concepts, such as depression and melancholy. With the death of Mufasa in The Lion Kingthe young spectators of the 80s/90s were not spared from cinema.

The Neverending Story will return to the cinema

Forty years since the release of the first film The Neverending Story, Bastien and Atreyu will soon return to the cinema. In fact, as announced a few weeks ago, the saga will undergo a major reboot. The rights to adapt Michael Ende’s novel have been purchased by a major production company that is planning several films to introduce Fantasia’s story to “a new generation of viewers.”

Source: Cine Serie

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