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Bridgerton was only successful because of Downton Abbey, believes actor

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Hugh Benneville Believes Downton Abbey Is Responsible for the Success of Period Shows Today

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actor of Downton Abbey (2010), Hugh Benneville believes that the series was responsible for the success of other productions of the regency period, such as bridgerton (2020). the series of Netflix based on the books of Julia Quinn is one of the most watched on streaming.

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bennevillewho interpreted Lord Grantham in Downton Abbeysaid to insider who initially thought the series did not have a good critical reception, but who now feels it has inspired a new generation of period dramas.

“To have started on something that was a bit despised when it was first released, mostly by critics, that would have been a boring fantasy drama that no one would ever watch. And so here we are, years later, we’ve given birth to – or I’d like to think we’ve given birth to – programs like Bridgerton, that has a new generation of people interested in, if not period drama, then the notion that something happened the day before yesterday,” he said.

Downton Abbey aired for six seasons, winning 15 awards Emmy and being nominated in 69 categories in total. After the series ended in 2015, the story won two feature films.

What to expect from Penelope in Bridgerton Season 3? Nicola Coughlan responds

In an interview with Omelet, Nicola Coughlan talked about how the family’s financial problems, the dreamed romance with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and the discovery of the identity of Lady Whistledown per Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) will make the young woman more “dark.”

“I think she spent a lot of time lying to herself and thinking she could go on deceiving the people she loves. […] She lost everything. She lost Eloise and Colinthe people she loved most, and had given up writing as Whistledown per Eloise. But I think at that moment she thinks of taking what is hers alone, since she has nothing. I think we’ll see her in a darker place.”

Coughlan continued: “In a strange way, I think it’s good for her, because she thinks [Colin] is perfect, but he is not. He’s only human, and she doesn’t think he’s wonderful, like she thinks he’s wonderful. She has to start respecting each other before they get into a relationship.”

Source: Rollingstone

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