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After The Last of Us, Bella Ramsey will play the wife of a terrorist

Bella Ramsey will play Samantha Lewthwaite

After initially making himself known thanks to his appearance in game of Throneswhere she played Lyanna Mormont, Bella Ramsey got the role of Ellie The last of us. Together with Pedro Pascal, he plays one of the main roles in the series launched in 2023 and which has made a strong impression so far. Although the British actress will return for season two, she just landed another role.

As reported by VarietyBella Ramsey will soon play the lead role Girl next door. He will play Samantha Lewthwaite. The latter, nicknamed “White Widow”, is one of the most wanted terrorism suspects In the West. She was married to Germaine Lindsay, one of the terrorists responsible for the London bombings of 7 July 2005. She was accused in 2015 of causing the deaths of over 400 people.

Bruce Goodison wants to question the official version

Bruce Goodison wrote it Girl next door and who will make it happen. However, the latter matters request the version according to which Samantha Lewthwaite was the mastermind of numerous attacks. You also explained that you wanted to delve deeper into the reasons why the latter became radicalized:

I simply didn’t believe the media story: was Sam the terrorist mastermind the media and counter-terrorism police wanted us to believe, or is there another truth? The truth about him. I wrote a disturbing mystery that makes us wonder how we would feel if the person we love and share our lives with one day committed an act of terror that called into question everything we hold dear. Sam embarks on a journey that consumes and transforms her. Gradually he isolates himself and becomes radicalized, and one might think that this was the consequence of the fact that we rejected her.

The writer and director claims he did great research to prepare his film. In particular, she had access to personal diary by Samantha Lewthaite. You started writing it after the attacks of 7 July 2005 in London. Bruce Goodison also interviewed family members of the woman nicknamed “White”. Widow“. As well as several people familiar with the London attacks. For example, the secret services or the journalist from The sun to which Samantha Lewthaite spoke out against her ex-husband’s actions.

Towards release next year

Girl next door it will therefore be told from Samantha Lewthwaite’s point of view. Second Varietyfilming of the film is expected to begin in October 2024. If the feature film does not yet have a release date, it should therefore be ready for next year.

Source: Cine Serie

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