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Netflix: great success for this Turkish series that does better than Fiasco

Thanks and see you next time! at the top of the Netflix charts

Launched May 9th onwards Netflixseries Thanks and see you next time! it immediately attracted a good portion of subscribers to the streaming platform. It must be said that Turkish productions are generally popular on Netflix. We have seen it in recent months with films The ashes (February 9) e The heart in flight (March 14). And before that with 7. Koğuştaki Mucize (2020), Rest life (2022), The cataclysm of love (2022) or even Everything to believe it (2023). But this time the program is long 8 episodes that the streaming service has achieved success.

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At least in France, since it’s here Thanks and see you next time! It stopped in first position among the most watched series of the moment. And not ahead of any other series, as it leaves behind Fiasco (2nd) or even My little reindeer (4th). However, let’s remember that these two titles were released much earlier on Netflix (30 April and 11 April), which is why they have accumulated fewer views in recent days than on Netflix. Thanks and see you next time!

Thanks and see you next time!  ©Netflix
Thanks and see you next time! ©Netflix

The fact remains that this location of the creation of Ece Yörenç once again demonstrates the interest of subscribers Turkish romantic comedies. As a reminder, the show sees a young lawyer trying to recover from a painful breakup by immersing herself in the confusing world of modern dating, with the unwavering support of her best friends. She will thus rediscover the positive and negative sides of seduction and flirting in our ultra-connected age.

A season 2 for Thanks and see you next time! ?

In the casting of Thanks and see you next time! we find Serenay Sarıkaya, who plays the heroine Leyla. Alongside her are Hakan Kurtaş (Cem) and Metin Akdülger (Omer). Two men who make the heroine’s head spin until the final moments of the series. An ending that could easily conclude the show. But at the end of each season the question of renewal arises. And as always, we have to be patient before Netflix officially announces it a season 2. However, we could say that with the first place in the Netflix top, a new chapter would be possible. However, several foreign media, including Soon, they are less optimistic.

The American site explains in its article that “the series has garnered mixed reviews from viewers and critics“, which could slow down Netflix for a season 2. Soon goes so far as to estimate that it would be “unlikely“to see a season 2 of Thanks and see you next time!. The festival of legends carried out a similar analysis of the situation, specifying that while some appreciated the romantic aspect of the show, the writing was identified and considered”superficial and dated“.

However, Netflix should consider several elements before deciding. First of all, global visions, not only in France or the United States, but also and above all in Turkey. The show may not have the same reception in its home country. It will therefore be necessary to monitor the evolution of reception Thanks and see you next time! before having confirmation of whether or not to renew.

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Source: Cine Serie

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