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‘One of the filmmakers who influenced me the most is gone’: Tarantino and Hollywood honor Roger Corman

The death of film director and producer Roger Corman this Thursday at the age of 96 sent shock waves through Hollywood. It must be said that the king of the B series, the true discoverer of today’s essential talents, such as Scorsese, Cameron or Coppola, has firmly left his mark on American cinema.

Many of them today pay energetic tribute to this outstanding figure of the seventh art, whom Quentin Tarantino adores. Roger CormanOne of the filmmakers who influenced me the most is gone.”– says John Carpenter. “It’s a privilege to have known him. He was a great friend. He shaped my childhood with science fiction movies and epic works that inspired him.Edgar Allan Poe. I’ll miss you, Roger.”

Guillermo del Toro, on the other hand, beautifully states: “Mr. Corman did more for modern American cinema than any of his contemporaries. He was a pillar and a sincere, no-nonsense film lover.”

“Rest in Peace, Roger Corman, great filmmaker and mentor.”Ron Howard says. “He was the one who gave me my first experience as a director when I was 23. He is the man who launched many careers and quietly, but most importantly, led our industry.”

And Ron Howard concluded: This is reported by Variety : “It was great to see Roger so alive, crackling with energy. What a life.”

“I am saddened to hear that Roger Corman has passed away“, writes William Shatner, the legendary interpreter of Captain Kirk in Star Trek. “He was a great director and producer and I’m blessed to have been able to work with him.”

Finally, how can we not take the opportunity to share with you an incredible video in which a tearful Jack Nicholson talks about influence. Roger Corman on his career.

“Roger was my blood, my main link to everything I thought of as a person. And I hope he knows it’s not just hot air…”declares Nicholson Before the tears came.

Francis Ford Coppola spoke on our microphone about Roger Corman and his contribution to the film industry:

Source: Allocine

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