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This action film that shook the American box office finally arrives in France on Prime Video

The Beekeeper, the great success of Prime Video

In January 2024, an action film climbs to the top of the American box office without warning, even allowing itself the luxury of preceding Wonka. AND The beekeeper directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad), Fury) and worn by Jason Statham.

The actor plays Adam Clay, a former secret agent of a clandestine organization called the Beekeepers. After years of service, he decided to live a peaceful life as a beekeeper and settled on the land of Eloise Parker, a devoted teacher.

The latter runs a charitable organization and unfortunately becomes the victim of a serious scam that deprives her of almost two million dollars. Devastated by this immense loss and feeling like she has failed those she wanted to help, Eloise commits suicide. This tragic event deeply shakes Clay, who considered Eloise a dear friend.

On the platform on May 17th

Driven by a burning desire for justice and revenge, Clay returns to his former role as a secret agent. He embarks on a violent quest track down and eliminate those responsible of the scam that destroyed Eloise. His mission takes him to face powerful and ruthless enemies, using his skills and experience to take down this criminal network. However, his quest for revenge is complicated by the appearance of a new obstacle: an FBI agent, who is none other than Eloise’s daughter.

TO global box office, The beekeeper it totaled more than $150 million in revenue, for a budget estimated at $36 million. A great success for David Ayer, also supported by excellent word of mouth.

And while France was deprived of the theatrical release, Prime Video will finally put the film on its platform on May 17th. Prime subscribers will therefore be able to exclusively discover this uninhibited action film in which Jason Statham perfectly plays the role of a brutal vigilante.

Source: Cine Serie

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