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When Evil Lurks: This Horror Movie Will Make Your Heart Spin (But You Must See It)

When Evil Hides is released in French cinemas

After being presented at numerous horror festivals around the world (including the Gerardmer Festival last January, where it won the audience and critics prize), the film When evil is lurking finally arrives in French cinemas this Wednesday 15 May. This feature film is by Demián Rugna who was already at work Terrified (Aterados), published in 2018.

The story is set in a remote Argentine village, where two brothers make a gruesome discovery near their property. They discover that the strange events happening in their village are caused by a demon that has taken up residence in the body of a haunted man nearby. They then decide to go to his house and get rid of him. But it is the beginning of horror for them and for all the inhabitants of this small and quiet village.

A nugget not to be put in front of everyone’s eyes

When evil is lurking it is a pure horror film, in the first sense of the term. From the beginning of the film, horrible visions follow one another and the director spares his audience nothing. He is keen to show in the flesh of his characters the powerful imprint of evil that spreads like poison. And since he spares nothing, he spares no one, even kids take it for their gradein particularly graphic and traumatic sequences, which led the distributor to ban the film for children under 16.

This feature is notable for its total absence of respite or hope. Darkness is omnipresent, enveloping every scene in an oppressive atmosphere where only evil seems to thrive. Until the last seconds, the viewer is kept in constant tension, without ever catching a glimpse of the slightest glimmer of light.

Visceral experience, When evil is lurking it reminds us of the most powerful things the genre can offer when treated with such a degree of seriousness and attention to detail. It is a pure horror film, one of those that come out too rarely on our screens and that you absolutely must discover in the best possible conditions. If you dare.

Source: Cine Serie

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