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Bizarrap broke it during their first concert in Mexico

After crossing Puerto Rico, Weird continues to raise the bar on his world tour as New York eagerly awaits his first US concert.

During one unforgettable night, Biza made a sold out at his first show in Mexico, in front of 8,000 people who applauded him from start to finish.

Snow tha Product was the guest chosen by the artist to share this historic moment with him. And that’s no way to say it, since the Argentine producer has revolutionized the experience of traditional shows, raising them to another level, transforming the room into a big party where the audience sings and dances in quick succession .

His show is distinguished by an impressive light show and visualswhere he pushes technology to the extreme so that his viewers have a unique and innovative experience.

His musical box set is made up of electronic versions of his greatest hits. These versions are exclusive to their shows, offering attendees the unique opportunity to discover and enjoy the remixes that Bizarrap reserves only for these moments, thus elevating the concert concept to an unparalleled audiovisual and sensory experience.

Without hiding his enthusiasm at the idea of ​​doing his first show on Mexican soil.Biza expressed his gratitude to his fans, the main listeners of his musical platforms, followers of each of his artistic endeavors.

Source: Qmusica

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