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Tonight on TV: This is one of the best superhero movies ever, and you might forget it!

When we talk about superhero movies, we obviously most often talk about Marvel or DC. But we must not forget that several performances of the genre, which do not belong to these behemoths, were released in cinemas. Including the excellent Hellboy, which airs tonight on Channel 6ter and which we highly recommend.

  • Want another TV tip tonight? We recommend one of the most subversive films of the decade, which is… French!

It was released in cinemas in 2004. Boy from hellDirected by the great Guillermo del Toro (who has already shown you the film), it tells the story of a demon born in the fires of Hell and brought to earth in a dark ceremony performed by the Nazis. Infernal forces to conquer. Rescued by Dr. Broom, Hellboy is raised to fight the forces of evil. Armed with a right arm made of stone, he joins the telepath Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman, who can control fire…

Adapted from the 1994 Dark Horse comic book series created by Mike Mignola. Boy from hell from Guillermo del Toro is a real success. Supported by high-quality special effects and scenery, the film, very dynamic and entertaining, is a work that goes against the typical superhero trend, characterized by unusual humor and… melancholy. Because yes, the superhero that Ron Perlman plays is not a superhero like any other: he is impressive, with immense power, but also very sensitive.

“Hellboy is a superhero who doesn’t aspire to be one.”explain Guillermo del Toro. “He was born of this colossal power and immortality, but he only dreams of sitting with his lover like an ordinary boy. (…) He has a dual nature, divided between good and evil. He has a physical physique. A big grown man, but Adolescent Heart and Mind He has a spoiled childish side, a strong temper, and is undisciplined.

Good advice from James Cameron

As Ang Lee did for the Hulk, Guillermo del Toro For some time he thought about staging the Hellboy in computer-generated imagery. However, a discussion with his friend James Cameron changed his mind. James told me: It’s a good idea, but the love story won’t work.Del Toro reveals. “Then I realized he was absolutely right and I went back to the make-up.”

It should be noted that during filmingBoy from hell, Guillermo del Toro Communicated regularly with fans on the official website of the film… Who benefited from this! “One of the major plot twists came from something I read online.”says the Mexican film director. “Good ideas often come from unexpected places.”

Tonight on 6 ter at 21:10.

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