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Revenge of the Blonde Girl: Elle Woods is back but not in the way we thought

After The blonde’s revengeElle Woods will be back

Published in 2001, The blonde’s revenge is part of these iconic comedies as well as In the dark OR Lolita despite myself. The film follows the daily life ofElle Woods, a student from Los Angeles who is convinced that her boyfriend is the man of her life. But one day, the latter leaves her under the pretext that she wants to become a senator and that Elle’s appearance, a caricature of the unintelligent and superficial blonde, could be an obstacle to her goal. The young lady he then decides to enroll at Harvard to prove it to himshe is much smarter than you think.

As mentioned above, The blonde’s revenge it’s a cult film. However, in recent years, movie studios like to revisit feature films that belong to this category by offering sequels or remakes. In fact, the idea of ​​Elle Woods returning in a new story has been around for a while. And this character we will definitely returnBut not in a sequel or remake.

A prequel series is in the works

Expiration teaches us The blonde’s revenge will have the right to a prequel. This will take the form ofa series, which will stream on Prime Video. The show will take place several years before the events of the first film. The plot will follow Elle in high schooland will show us the experiences lived by the young woman that made her become the character we have come to know.

Laura Kittrellknown particularly for his work on Insecure AND High schoolEast the creator of this new series. Reese Witherspoon will also be involved as a producer. We still don’t know the name of the actress who will succeed her in the role of Elle Woods.

Another spin-off series in the works, what about the third film?

This series is not the only one in the universe of The blonde girl’s revenge in preparation. Always second Expirationthe creators of Gossip GirlJosh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, are working another spin-off. Its plot is unknown. But the development of this series would be more advanced than the show about Elle Woods’ time in high school. At the moment we do not know the release date of these two series.

As for movies, Revenge of the blonde girl 3 stay waiting. Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor are attached to the project as writers. Expiration states that this sequence of The blonde strikes again East in development for years, but provides no further details on the topic. So we don’t know whether it will be abandoned or whether it will materialize One day.

Source: Cine Serie

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