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Agatha: the Marvel series changes its name again, but finally has a release date

The spin-off of WandaVision he was made to wait

In October 2021, Variety announced a spin-off of WandaVision, which centers on the character of Kathryn Hahn, was in development by Marvel. Since then we have had no further news on the progress of the project. We still knew that the series was written and produced by Jac Schaeffer, who had already worked on her older sister WandaVision. Furthermore, in two and a half years, the series has changed names three times : Agatha: House of HarknessThen Agatha: Chaos Covenand finally Agatha: Darkhold Journals. But enough jokes, Marvel seems to have (finally) chosen a definitive title.

In fact, the study revealed the Agatha’s official name and release date during the presentation to advertisers last Tuesday in New York. On this occasion, Kathryn Hahn and her partners, Joe Locke and Patti LuPone, took the stage to make highly anticipated announcements.

Agate : The series arrives at the beginning of the school year

The series is now called Agata always…like the song It was Agatha All Along used in WandaVision when he reveals the true nature of the Salem witch. The series will debut on September 18th with the release of two episodes on Disney+. The eight episodes will then be released one by one each week.

Second Variety, Agata always will resume after the events passed in WandaVision. By the end of the miniseries, we have already learned Agatha’s true identity and Wanda’s past the two witches face each other in an intense finale. The terrible neighbor Harkness was defeated by Wanda but she intended to do everything possible to regain her powers.

The series will then tell the story of the main character’s quest and his unlikely alliances to reach its final goal. Will he be able to regain his powers?

Source: Cine Serie

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