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Return to Silent Hill: this first image will delight fans

A new silent Hill directed by Christophe Gans

It’s been almost 20 years (18 to be exact) since then Christopher Gans made us live a nightmare on the big screen silent Hill (2006). Based on the video game license of the same name, the film was a fascinating and visually stunning proposition. Above all, there was an audience given that the feature film had grossed almost 100 million dollars worldwide for a budget of 50 million dollars. This may have motivated the director of Wolf Pact to stack for a sequel.

But this is not the case. Instead, MJ Bassett pulled off something much less surprising Silent Hill: Revelation (2012). However, ten years later, Christophe Gans informs us that he is finally preparing a new film in the universe of silent Hilltitle Return to Silent Hill. Better yet, it will be an adaptation of the game Silent Hill 2however, entailing an important change.

Pyramid Head shows itself in pictures

We are still waiting to hear when the film will be released and hope to see a first trailer soon. Before that, Variety revealed exclusively a first image of Return to Silent Hill. In this photo we find an iconic character from the license silent Hill : Pyramid head. An imposing executioner who, as his name suggests, has a head shaped like a metallic pyramid and carries a huge sword. Look at the image below:

Return to Silent Hill
Return to Silent Hill via Variety

This photo premiered at the Film Market of the Cannes Film Festival. That’s all we’re offered right now. But, as a reminder, we know Jeremy Irvine (Battle horse) will play the main role. Finally, here is the synopsis of Return to Silent Hill:

Guided by the shadows of his past, James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill to find his lost love, Mary Crane. But the small, dark and oppressive town is no longer the place of his memories. He meets people who seem too familiar to him and who try to stop him from looking for Mary. The more he searches for Mary, the more he wonders if she is still in reality or if he has fallen into Jacob Crane’s dark underworld.

Source: Cine Serie

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