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“Terrible nanar” or “phenomenal cinematic experience”? Coppola’s megalopolis divides in Cannes

Megalopolis : the return of Francis Ford Coppola

To say the least Megalopolis was expected this year at the Cannes Film Festival. Presented this year in the Official Competition, the film is nothing more or less than a new madness Francis Ford Coppoladirector of the trilogy The GodfatherFromApocalypse now or also Dracula. His latest feature film, Twix (2011), is now 13 years old and nothing was easy to put together Megalopolis. The director had to finance the film himself to the tune of 120 million dollars. And if Le Pacte agreed to distribute it in France, Megalopolis It doesn’t yet have a distributor in the US as of this writing. But as the film was finally screening at Cannes, the response from the press risks chilling more than one person.

Megalopolis ©Il Pacto
Megalopolis ©Il Pacto

In fact, Megalopolis the first spectators were particularly divided. It must be said that the film seems to be a very special, generous and messy experiencethe synopsis also attests to this: The city of New Rome must change, which creates a great conflict between Caesar Catilina, a genius artist with the power to stop time, and the arch-conservative mayor Franklyn Cicero. The former dreams of an ideal utopian future while the latter remains very attached to a regressive status quo that protects greed, privilege and private militias. The mayor’s daughter and jet-setter Julia Cicero, in love with César Catilina, is torn between the two men and she will have to discover what seems best for the future of humanity.

The Megalopolis team at the 77th Cannes Film Festival ©Isabelle Vautier for CINESERIE
The Megalopolis team at the 77th Cannes Film Festival ©Isabelle Vautier for CINESERIE

The film splits at Cannes

As we wrote in our review, for us Megalopoli is “never seen“, “a precious experience” which, despite the alleged “great nonsense”, “ends up fully touching the heart”. We even defined it as “great cinemain his madness, in his rejection of limits and conventions, in his aesthetic ideas and in his meta reflection on the passage of time”. And we are not the only ones CinemaSeries having appreciated Francis Ford Coppola’s proposal. For journalist Damien Leblanc, the film is “unclassifiable, unique, crazy“. From the part ofIndieWireDavid Ehrlich says he’s a fan of this “flamboyant, epic and wholly singular self-portrait,” while Bilge Ebiri says he “loved every second” of the film.

Except for others, the experience Megalopolis It wasn’t that pleasant. As Jérôme Lachasse attests, who saw “a terrible nonsense (…) with freewheeling actors“. For The new Ob, the film “turns into a sad farce.” Alexandre Janowiak goes even further by estimating that “perhaps it would be the right time for Emperor Coppola to stop cinema”. Even worse for Kevin Maher Timeswho lived”138 mind-blowing minutes of ill-conceived themes, unfinished scenes, flat acting, dialogue word salads and ugly images, all seemingly in search of a story that doesn’t exist.

The rift is therefore strong among the journalists who saw it Megalopoliswhich gets, at the time of writing, only these lines 50% positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes. However, this represents progress compared to the 38% initially announced Discuss movies. There’s no doubt that the film will continue to divide, even among audiences, when it hits theaters soon.

Source: Cine Serie

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