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Tuli returns to pop with the release of “Cuarto Rojo”

After his successful reggaeton “Qué Bendiciones”, Tuli returns to its essence with a new pop era in its latest single: “Cuarto Rojo”.

Produced by Esteban Leiva, this song marks the start of a new stage in the artist’s musical career. A time when the red tones will predominate, the symbolism of the kiss and will transmit a lot of passion and sensuality.

In “Red Room”, Tuli plunges into a hectic night, where the stimuli lead him to remember what happened the previous night. Among the traces of alcohol, the sentence resonates “You have left your smell in my room” Which leads the artist to wonder about what really happened.

The video clip, meanwhile, visually accompanies the story. We see Tuli expressing his ideas with his characteristic style and makeup.

Towards the end of the clip, the red tone invades the scene, in perfect harmony with the name of the song.

Oh and in the video, Directed by Jota Sibilia, Killah bed has a special participationthe artist’s current partner.

Source: Qmusica

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