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“Culmination of a trilogy”, says producer about the 3rd season of What If…?

The new season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe animated series does not yet have a scheduled date to arrive on Disney+

In a recent interview, Brad Winderbaumexecutive producer and president of Marvel Studios’ TV, Streaming and Animation division, revealed that the third season of the animated series What If…? should be the next release of its kind in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also stated that the new year will be the end of an arc, “the culmination of a trilogy”.

New episodes of the series will focus on Uatu, the Watcher

“We’re so close to finishing it, and it really feels like you’ve gone through this exciting and incredible journey with Uatu [vivido por Jeffrey Wright, de Ficcão Americana]. What’s great about him is that he presents himself as this cold being who doesn’t care, just an observer, but he cares about everyone and everything. This will be on display throughout the third season.”stated Winderbaum to the ComicBook.

“It’s the culmination of a trilogy”he added.

What If…? get first preview

When does the 3rd year of What If…??

The new season of What If…? has not yet had a confirmed release date, but Winderbaum said that “this should be the next one to come out, in terms of animation”. Despite this, the new episodes have already received a preview.

In the scene, released last December, Bucky BarnesO Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), It is Alexei ShostakovO Red Guardian (David Harbor), are inside a car. Then they are stopped by Bill FosterO Goliath (Laurence Fishburne), who is apparently a SHIELD agent, giving rise to a high-speed chase.

What it is What If…??

In What If…?O Watchman (Wright) takes us on a journey through the multiverse, featuring familiar faces – and some new ones too – in situations fans could never imagine. Both seasons of the series are available in full on Disney+. Watch the trailer:

Source: Rollingstone

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