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Tonight on TV: Laurent Lafitte and Karin Viard undress in a crazy comedy

Laurent Lafitte gives everything The origin of the world

In 2020, actor Laurent Lafitte wrote and directed his first film: The origin of the world. This is why he freely adapts Sébastien Thiéry’s play of the same name, created in 2013, for the screen. The story of The origin of the worldwhich takes place in a realistic setting but uses almost fantasy elements, is as follows:

When he returned home, forty-year-old Jean-Louis Bordier realized that his heart was no longer beating. Jean-Louis no longer feels a pulse but remains conscious. He can still speak and move. But is he still really alive? Nobody understands this strange phenomenon, not even his best veterinary friend Michel. Jean-Louis’ wife, Valérie, then asks her “life coach” – a bit of a guru – Margaux for advice. She the latter, apparently connected to occult forces, thinks she has a solution…

The origin of the world - Laurent Lafitte
The origin of the world ©Studiocanal

The origin of the world it is as much the story of Jean-Louis Bordier, played by Laurent Lafitte, as that of the women who surround him, and perhaps above all of his mother, Brigitte, played by Hélène Vincent. In fact, as Margaux, played by Nicole Garcia, explains to him, Jean-Louis will be able to find his beating heart again if he brings him a photograph of his mother’s vagina…Hence the film’s title, a reference to famous painting by Gustave Courbetsubject of discussion and scandal since it was painted in 1866.

All naked to save Jean-Louis

The origin of the worlda madcap comedy that goes far in its situations, divides critics when it hits theaters in 2021. While some celebrate its audacity and ferocious humor, others find the film vulgar without any real artistic challenge.

It’s that The origin of the world he not only suggests his situations, but explores them thoroughly in an explicit manner. After a series of comical situations in which Jean-Louis and his friend Michel (Vincent Macaigne) try to take the famous photo, it is finally during a lunch that Jean-Louis decides to concentrate his efforts. Welcoming Jean-Louis’ mother completely naked, the latter, Michel and Valérie (Karin Viard) will then do everything to make Brigitte give in…

Hilarious, embarrassing, surprising, The origin of the world not only does it make its audience laugh, but it makes them reflect and excite with the more intimate and dark sequences that Laurent Lafitte added to the original text, for a unique result in the panorama of French cinema.

Source: Cine Serie

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