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Darumas presents its first album: “Darumas”

Darumas debuts with a self-titled project unlike anything currently releasedwhich highlights the new single and video “Mago”.

The album, of seven songs, blends the sounds of the diverse roots and musical backgrounds of the three members of this group feminine: Latin funk, pop and a touch of old-school charm.

This project from the electrifying trio of multi-faceted artists Aldana Aguirre, Ceci León and Vedala Vilmond, was composed and recorded at 5020 Studios in Miami.

The result of “Darumas” is irresistibly groovy. The list of danceable songs is full of joyful songs designed to be heard live, among which their latest song “Mago” stands out, arriving with a studio presentation video.

But there is more. “Collector,” the first track, for example, is as infectious and funky as the rest. The song introduces the Japanese inspiration on which the name of the group Darumas is based: an amulet which symbolizes perseverance and the fulfillment of desires.

Darumas, more than anything, celebrates global musicality, bringing together Aldana, a sought-after Argentinian bassist, who has shared the world stage with artists such as Karol G, Luis Fonsi and Fonseca; Ceci, a singer from Miami with Cuban roots and a penchant for R&B, also captivates audiences with her electrifying guitar skills, seamlessly blending soulful melodies with fiery riffs; and Vedala, the group’s hypnotizing voice, originally from Haiti and residing in Chile.

The mosaic of its cultural influences and musical styles promises an unprecedented musical experience.

List of tracks “Darumas”

Zero out of a hundred
The call
The call
What luck

Source: Qmusica

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