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Tonight on TV: Bruce Willis and Jason Momoa reunite in a never-released action comedy

LA Rush: What is this movie?

Los Angeles Rush is an action comedy released in 2017 and directed by Mark and Robb Cullen with Bruce Willis and Jason Momoa in the lead roles.

Bruce Willis plays Steve Ford, a Los Angeles private detective whose life is turned upside down when a gang steals his beloved dog, Buddy. Ford is embarking on one desperate mission to get his dog back, tackling a series of eccentric characters and dangerous situations in the rough neighborhoods of Los Angeles. To find Buddy, he must negotiate with drug dealers, thieves and even hitmen, all while dealing with the complications of his personal and professional life.

The film was denied a theatrical release in most countries around the world (including France) and was only released on video in June 2017.

What do viewers think?

If on paper Los Angeles Rush It seemed like it might appeal to fans of action comedies, but in reality it’s a little more complicated. In fact, viewers discovered it on video we weren’t particularly thrilled with the film’s script and direction. Thus, among our colleagues atAlloCinéthe film barely averaged ratings (currently a 2.7/5) and reads:

The action scenes are not present and the cast drowns in a tasteless and uninteresting script.

It’s been a long time since I did a DTV with Bruce Willis: finally I could continue like this

A small curiosity that starts off rather well, then after the first quarter of an hour the interest soon wanes to give way to an all-encompassing film that satisfies the bare minimum.

I lasted 15 minutes, it’s so bad. The plot and dialogues are distressing.

Source: Cine Serie

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