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The Delio Valdez arrives at Ferro to celebrate its first 15 years

After his second stay in Europe and his visits to cities in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, Delio Valdez will have his big party for his 15th birthday to show the enormous universe of delusions and cumbias that they have built along this path.

and the quote is November 23neither more nor less than the Estadio Arquitecto Ricardo Etcheverri, the Ferro Courtwhere they will celebrate the spirit of cooperative and independent work that has existed since the group’s beginnings.

Please note, the festivities will begin with a major tour in August, crossing several countries and ending with this long-awaited event.

Delio Valdez has been producing his music, shows, tours and festivals since his early years. Thanks to self-management, places such as the Teatro de Flores, the Ciudad Cultural Konex, the Teatro Vorterix, the Gran Rex and six Luna Parks have been created, where more than 50,000 people have passed. As well as the Cumbiones, a legendary evening of cumbia, dance and joy that they have been organizing since their beginnings and in which they participate in the smallest details.

With the deployment of the full orchestra, the theatricality that characterizes them, the costumes, the choreographies and a staging worthy of the 15th celebration, LDV invites collective joy on this date. A celebration of cumbia which is much more than a musical rhythm, it is a movement. The group knows that the party has a fundamental role, that of connecting people and claiming the right to enjoyment.

The entrees? On sale now.

Source: Qmusica

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