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What were the most listened to songs on Spotify in the last 10 years?

Music streaming platform arrived in Brazil in May 2014 and accumulated 770 billion reproductions in total by 2023

One of the leading music streaming services in the world, Spotify arrived in Brazil in May 2014. To celebrate 10 years in Brazilian territory, the platform released the list of the most listened to songs in the last decade, with “Sorry,” “Shape of You,” “My Piece of Sin,” “Let’s Go 4,” between others.

Additionally, the company disclosed how the total number of streams grew more than 100 times in Spotify in Brazil. In the period between 2014 and 2023, there were 770 billion reproductions in total. The number of songs by Brazilian artists increased by 656%.

Another interesting fact is about Alokwho became the first Brazilian artist to enter the Global Top 100 of Spotify with “Hear Me Now,” hit released in 2017, while Anita was the first Brazilian artist to reach the top of the ranking with “To involve,” in 2022.

Below, see the songs that remained in first position the longest on Spotify Charts in Brazil year after year

2015: “Sorry,” by Justin Bieber (106 days)

2016: “Work,” by Drake, Rihanna (96 days)

2017: “Shape of You,” by Ed Sheeran (71 days)

2018: “Atrasadinha – Live,” by Felipe Araújo, Ferrugem (84 days)

2019: “Provisional Freedom – Live – Ibirapuera / 2019,” by Henrique & Juliano (98 days)

2020: “Recairei – Ao Vivo,” by Os Barões Da Pisadinha (72 days)

2021: “Meu Pedaço de Pecado,” by João Gomes (61 days)

2022: “Evoque Prata,” DJ ESCOBAR, MC MENOR HR, MC MENOR SG (46 days)

2023: “Let’s Go 4,” by Dj GBR, MC GH do 7, MC GP, MC PH, MC Ryan SP, Mc Davi, Mc Don Juan, Mc IG, Mc Kadu, Mc Luki, TrapLaudo (93 days)

Source: Rollingstone

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