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Netflix: this new Squid Game-style Korean series is a success

And what The eighth show on Netflix?

Created by Han Jae-rim (Don’t land), The eighth show begins when Bae Jin-sue prepares to commit suicide due to a large debt. Even though he lives in a neighborhood that is “a symbol of poverty”, Bae Jin-sue clearly has no future in this company. For this reason he was convinced to ask for a loan from the bank and the loan sharks. But the investment he thought would be profitable wasn’t, and he was at the end of his rope. What could have been the beginning of a real drama is born a shifted sequence which quickly sets the tone for the series and its topic. Know a satire of society and social inequalities.

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Ready to call it quits, Bae Jin-sue receives a text. He was just sent a large bank transfer to “make up for lost time”. There’s only one condition… The boy then finds himself taken to a building to participate a reality show with seven other candidates. Here they are The eighth showwhose concept is simple: the more time candidates spend in the building, the more money they will earn. However, if a contestant dies, the show will be stopped immediately, no matter how much time remains, and no one will receive any money.

The Eighth Show ©Netflix
The Eighth Show ©Netflix

As soon as we find out the setting of the show, we think about it Squid gamewhich in 2021 was a global success. Furthermore, here too the protagonists are driven by the lure of profit, and are used as laboratory rats. Furthermore, once they enter the game, they realize that it is not that simple, with hidden rules and inequalities between candidates. The tension rises and the spectators witness this sordid game.

A new Korean success

The eighth show visibly convinced Netflix subscribers who rushed to discover this new series afterwards it went online on May 17th. The program was actually classified 2nd in the top 10 of new series in France. And it could have even reached first place, if the platform had not also published the first part of the third season The Bridgerton Chronicles.

Feedback has been generally positive for The eighth show. On Allociné, the series so far gets an average rating of 3.4/5 from the audience. Among the opinions of the public we read: “Another master class from Korea!”, “A quite compelling series, in the same vein as Squid Game”, or even “An excellent series to absolutely see if you liked Squid Game”. The program therefore has serious potential to reach a wide audience, however we don’t imagine it will generate the same enthusiasm. Squid gamewhich was also transformed into a real TV reality show…

The 8 Show is currently available on Netflix.

Source: Cine Serie

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