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Great success on Netflix for the third season of The Bridgerton Chronicles!

The Bridgerton Chronicles : New episodes are a hit on Netflix

We suspected that season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles was awaited by Netflix subscribers. And it’s no surprise that the series found itself at the top of the new releases charts in France and the United States in the top 10 in 92 countries in total. It must be said that the first chapter, put online in 2020, had an impressive success. With over 929 million hours watched by audiences, the show’s first season is currently fifth in the top 10 most-watched English-language series on Netflix. A few positions behind (9th), we find season 2, with over 797 million hours viewed. From then on, we could expect the third season to still attract people. Except that since the new episodes went online on May 16, 2024, the figures went beyond expectations.

The Bridgerton Chronicles season 3 ©Netflix
The Bridgerton Chronicles season 3 ©Netflix

We must first remember that, for the moment, Netflix has only put online 4 episodes of the third season From The Bridgerton Chronicles. A first part, which will be completed June 13th with the second part. It therefore seemed impossible to accumulate the same amount of hours seen with only half a season. However, the first data announced by Netflix contradicts us a bit.

A season 3 that could surpass the previous one

As reported Varietyseason 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles has reached “45.1 million views in its opening weekendSeason 2 is currently at 93 million views. But above all, the first part, lasting 3 hours and 40 minutes, reached the 165 million hours viewed in just four days, while season 2 had accumulated 193 million in three days. There is a difference, but it seems minimal. Because we imagine that in June the second part will start in a similar way and that the ratings of the second season will skyrocket.

It will also be interesting to see what the numbers look like for Part 1 of Season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles. Typically, Netflix series continue to accumulate a lot of views for at least 1 month. By then, Part 2 will be available and should allow the show to stay on top for a while longer. This bodes well for the future, ever sincea season 4 has already been announced.

The Bridgerton Chronicles season 3 ©Netflix
The Bridgerton Chronicles season 3 ©Netflix

Source: Cine Serie

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