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Tonight on TV: When a young dancer made the world cry and the box office exploded

Tonight on TV: When a young dancer made the world cry and the box office exploded

Tonight on TV: When a young dancer made the world cry and the box office exploded

Jamie Bell’s revelation

In 2000, English director and theater man Stephen Daldry was 39 years old when he made his first feature film: Billy Elliot. This is an adaptation of the work Dance imagined by Lee Hall, who then wrote his first screenplay. A story of firsts therefore, as is also the case of its main actor, Jamie Bell, who plays the main role of the film at 14 years old. If he already dances and made his debut in 1998 on a London stage, this is his very first appearance at the cinema.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot ©United International Pictures

Billy, 11, is surprised to discover that a dance class now shares the same premises as his boxing club. At first intrigued and then soon fascinated by the magic of gestures, Billy abandons his leather gloves to discreetly attend dance lessons. Faced with the potential talent of the young recruit, his teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, find new energy. But Billy’s father and older brother Tony, both striking miners, struggle daily to guarantee the minimum for their family. Frustrations boil over when they discover that Billy has spent the money he spent on boxing lessons on far less manly pursuits…

A wonderful story of emancipation, a social chronicle of Thatcher’s harsh years in the United Kingdom, Billy Elliot is produced on a budget of 5 million dollars. The story of this boy who dreams of dancing will shock viewers around the world and his success will go beyond all expectations.

109 million dollars in revenue and a shower of prizes

Sometimes we laugh inside Billy Elliot, faced with the inconsistency, first and foremost, of the situation. In an England where the working classes are made precarious by Margaret Thatcher’s ultra-liberal economic policy, the reactions of Billy’s father and brother, two striking miners. For them, life is a struggle, a constant struggle, and they have no other solution than to assert their working strength and their masculine values. For Billy, on the contrary, life is seen through the grace of dance. The laughter that arises from this gap soon gives way to other feelings, as the social painting is as beautiful as it is harsh Billy Elliotand Billy’s journey to realize his dream, against all odds, is a difficult one.

Beautiful and vibrant with sincerity, endowed with a grace that becomes more luminous the more it flees from poverty, Billy Elliot is a huge success, considering its budget and synopsis, at the global box office. In fact it brings more than $109 million worldwide, which is 20 times more than the production cost. The commercial success is also accompanied by great critical success.

Nominated several times in different ceremonies, Billy Elliot received it in 2001 three BAFTAs: best British film, best supporting actress for Julie Walters and best actor for Jamie Bell. This remains to this day youngest winner of the reward. At the 2001 Oscars, the film was nominated three times, notably in the category Best director for Stephen Daldry.

A deserved success for a film which at its conclusion reunites Billy, who has become a star dancer, with his father and brother in a scene of rare and powerful emotion.

Source: Cine Serie

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