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G Sony moved La Joaqui by confronting his ex in La Liga

G Sony moved La Joaqui by confronting his ex in La Liga

G Sony moved La Joaqui by confronting his ex in La Liga

The present (and the future) looks rosy. However, not so long ago, for her, the sky was filled with dark clouds. And it was only today that he dared to say it. The Joaquiit’s about her, He admitted to having been the victim of abuse and various forms of violence with rapper Coqeéin Montanahis ex-partner.

With tears in her eyes, the singer opened up on the streaming cycle organized by Coscu where they broadcast a freestyle battle in which G-Sony exhibits Montana with a powerful rhyme.

“Did you think you were going to be an abandoned father, an abuser, and that I wasn’t going to tell you anything?” That I didn’t remember the time when we lived in the boarding house and La Joaqui looked bruised? He blamed her.

Listening to them, La Joaqui thanked her colleague for publicly defending her. And she explained that she was aware of what was going to happen.

“He called me and said ‘if this battle hurts you, I won’t accept it’. I was never the same person after what happened to me. I’m in a lot of pain.” , said La Joaqui.

And excited by G-Sony’s attitude, she added: “If he didn’t tell me the truth, he would never give me the heart to do it.”. Do you know how many times I’ve wanted someone to defend me like that? »

And followed; “I was going to die with my truth in my heart. I hope this battle helps so that if anyone is going through the same thing, they have a friend like Sony.. I’m so proud because nothing will ever hurt me as much as everything I’ve been through. Today, I’m unbreakable after that.”

And she’s not lying: happy and in a budding relationship with Luck Ra, La Joaqui wants to leave behind the ghosts of the past.

Source: Qmusica

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