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The Exorcist: the next film will be a “radically new version”

The Exorcist: the next film will be a “radically new version”

The Exorcist: the next film will be a “radically new version”

The exorcist : the saga relaunches once again

Some would have liked it The exorcist (1973) he leaves it there and doesn’t give rise to a saga. Starting with its director, William Friedkin, who has never hidden his rejection of the sequels to his cult horror film. But in Hollywood we generally see things differently. Here’s how to restart was born in 2023. Titled The Exorcist: Devotion, David Gordon Green’s film did not have the success hoped for by the production studio Blumhouse. The reviews were also terrible. However, a new film is still awaited. It must be said that Blumhouse had to spend 400 million dollars to obtain the licensing rights. We can therefore understand that the studio wants to make its investment profitable.

The fact remains that David Gordon Green has finally abandoned the sequel, The Exorcist: The Deceiver, which was supposed to be the second installment of a trilogy. The good news has arrived however, since it is Mike Flanagan who took over from the director ofHalloween (2018). A name appreciated by horror and fantasy fans. The latter would obviously have ambition and a lot of freedom for this next film, as highlighted by an article by Variety.

A new “bold and terrifying” film.

We learned for the first time from the American media that the film The exorcist by Mike Flanagan it will not be a sequel to David Gordon Green’s film (the trilogy was abandoned), but a “brand new story“.And that would be even.”a radically new version“Is it a proposal”BoldIt therefore seems that Blumhouse wants to bring something new to the franchise and move away from what has been done so far. It remains to be seen what this “radical” change will mean.

In any case, Mike Flanagan wanted to reassure fans by explaining its importance The exorcist of William Friedkin in his career.

The Exorcist is one of the reasons I became a filmmaker, and it’s an honor to have the chance to try something fresh, bold and terrifying in its universe.

The director would therefore have a very particular vision of this next film The exorcist. Enough to forget previous productions? We hope so…

Source: Cine Serie

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