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6 series not to be missed on Canal+ during the summer

The series will be broadcast this summer exclusively on Canal+

The summer will be hot and full of films and series to discover. In addition to our selection of horror films not to be missed in this period, Canal+ has revealed a nice program for the next few weeks, with six series that will be broadcast exclusively on the encrypted channel. Some new, others originally presented on other platforms, such as Pachinko, available on Apple TV+.

Spinners – June 24th

Spinners is a South African series of 8 episodes of 52 minutes. Created by Joachim Landau and Benjamin Hoffman, the program is hosted by Cantona James, Brendon Daniels, Dillon Windvogel and Chelsea Thomas. Canal+ will offer two episodes of the series every Monday starting from June 24th. Everything will be available on myCanal.

History : Ethan, 17, lives in a poor neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa. Responsible for his little brother, he has no choice but to chauffeur Damien, the godfather of a local gang. Constantly on the razor’s edge, he discovered a possible way out with spinning, an extreme motor sport in which he was able to put his driving skills to good use. But the looming gang war risks compromising his hopes.

Such brave girls – July 3rd

Such brave girls is a British comedy series 6 episodes of 30 minutes. Created by Kat Sadler, the program is hosted by Kat Sadler, Louise Brealey, Lizzie Davidson and Freddie Meredith. Canal+ will broadcast the series every Wednesday at 10.15pm with two episodes per evening and will put the entire series online on MyCanal from day one.

History : Josie, her sister Billie and their single mother Deb often lack judgment and their self-esteem is based on people who don’t care about them in the slightest. Vain, selfish, heavily in debt, pathologically devoid of affection, they overflow with misplaced and embarrassing love.

History of the boat – 4th July

History of the boat is a British series of 6 episodes of 52 minutes, which mixes action and humor. Imagined by Harry Williams and Jack Williams, the show has a cast consisting of Paterson Joseph, Daisy Haggard and Tchéky Karyo. Two episodes will be broadcast on Canal+ every Thursday at 9pm starting from 4 July.

History : When they discover an illegal shipment of drugs on a beached boat, two strangers think fate is finally smiling on them. But their luck runs out when they find themselves with a mafia boss looking for revenge, his henchman and the police on their tail. kit. Pushed to the limit, will they be able to trust each other and keep their lives and their money?

The Responder season 2 – July 22

After the success of the first season, The Responder returns for a season 2 consisting of 5 episodes of 52 minutes. Two episodes will be broadcast on Monday 22 July at 9pm, then three the following week. Created by Tony Schumacher, the series is carried on by Martin Freeman and Adelayo Adedayo.

History : Become a better police officer, a better man and, above all, a better father… Can police officer Chris Carson stop making the same mistakes by continuing his night shift? Is he willing to risk everything to get the day job he hopes for? His teammate Rachel Hargreaves is also taking control of his life and career. Unable to forgive him for dragging her into his autumn, she realizes that, despite everything, she has more in common with Chris than she wants to admit. When Chris crosses paths with a major drug trafficker, everything could change again.

Pachinko – July 25th

Canadian-South Korean series by 8 episodes of 52 minutes, Pachinko it is originally an Apple production. Worn by Soji Arai, Jin Ha and also Kim Min-ha, it will be broadcast from July 25 at 9pm, with two new episodes offered every Thursday.

History : In 1920s Korea, Yangjin and Hoonie try to protect their only daughter, Sunja, from the harsh realities of life under Japanese occupation. In 1989, Solomon tried to close a major deal. At once epic and intimate, this story is born from a forbidden love to transform into a vast epic that takes place between Korea, Japan and America.

The fortress – August 5th

From August 5th Canal+ will broadcast this Norwegian creation composed of 7 episodes of 52 minutes. Two episodes of The fortress they will be broadcast, then three on the following Mondays. The cast of this suspense thriller consists of Selome Emnetu, Tobias Santelmann and Russell Tovey.

History : In the near future, in a context of pandemics, wars and climate disasters, Norway decides to close its borders and become completely self-sufficient. For ten years Norwegians will live behind a wall in the country that has become the most popular sure of the world. When farmed fish, the country’s main food source, is struck by a terrible disease, food supply manager Esther Vinter must prevent famine. But the situation worsens when the population of the city of Bergen begins to be hit by a variant of the Black Death. Esther must find a solution, before this deadly disease the whole country wins.

The fortress
The fortress

Source: Cine Serie

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