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Tonight on TV: a 550 million dollar success and a “forced” role for Bruce Willis

Michael Bay’s great disaster film

In 1998, when disaster cinema was in vogue, Michael Bay made his third feature film of this genre, Armageddonafter the successes Bad guys AND Rock. For this film, which tells the desperate mission of a crew of drillers sent into space to stop an asteroid hurtling towards Earth at full speed. At the head of this crew, divided into two space shuttles, we find Bruce Willis in the role of Harry Stamper, the greatest specialist in oil drilling. In fact, to destroy the asteroid, he and his men will have to place a nuclear charge at its center, 250 meters deep.


A huge and unexpected success

Despite the terrible reviews from the specialized press, Armageddon received immense public success and ended the year 1998 at 1st place at the global box office with $553.7 million of revenues collected. In France, it takes the 6th place at the box officewith 4.6 million admissions, and third American film behind the phenomenon Titanic (released in December 1997 in the United States and whose data is counted for this year) and Mulan.

Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) - Armageddon
Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) – Armageddon ©Gaumont

However, the production was complicated and Michael Bay and his teams did not necessarily expect such success. In 2013, Michael Bay spoke like this Armageddonwhile he was in the promotion of No pain no gain.

We had to shoot the entire film in 16 weeks. It was a huge task. (…) If I could I would do the whole third part again. But the studio literally took the film out of our hands. My visual effects supervisor had a nervous breakdown, so I had to deal with it. I called James Cameron and asked him, “What do you do when you end up doing all the effects yourself?” But the movie did well.

A “forced” but iconic role for Bruce Willis

One of the qualities ofArmageddon, which still continues to divide viewers, is its very successful casting. In addition to the pure “catastrophic” line of the film, there is a very “90s” love story developed between Ben Affleck, young puncher of the team, and Liv Tyler, who plays Harry’s daughter. Additionally, Steve Buscemi, William Fichtner, Billy Bob Thornton, Owen Wilson, and Michael Clarke Duncan play supporting but memorable roles.

Within and above all at the helm of this casting, ensures the superstar of the time Bruce Willis one of his best roles. A father who is tenacious with evil, protective, ready to sacrifice himself to save his men and the world, he once again embodies a character of impeccable heroism.

However, if he had the choice, Bruce Willis probably would not have appeared in the castingArmageddon. In fact, his participation in the film is “forced”, following a Disney project he provoked cancellation. In 1997, when she started filming the comedy The Broadway Slugger, the superstar is not satisfied with the team led by director Lee Grant. She fires part of the team, before simply abandoning the project. After three weeks of filming, The Broadway Slugger and therefore buried.

Disney, instead of taking the matter to court and demanding millions of dollars from Bruce Willis, then signed a contract with him to film three more films, for which he would receive much less than his usual compensation. These three films are Armageddon, Sixth Sense AND Dirty brat. Finally, and even if everyone, more or less, has forgotten about it Dirty bratBruce Willis can thank this “forced” agreement, ever since Armageddon AND Sixth Sense they are part of the the greatest successes of his filmography

Source: Cine Serie

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