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Jaws: Lego Is Remaking The Movie And It’s Perfect

Jaws: Lego Is Remaking The Movie And It’s Perfect

Jaws: Lego Is Remaking The Movie And It’s Perfect

Jaws inLego

The many fans of both Lego bricks and the film Jaws had dreamed of it. And the Danish toy giant has done it. The Lego Ideas section, which invites Lego builders to propose their ideas for “sets” and vote for the company that will produce the chosen one, has announced the release in August of a set to Jawswith the Orca Boathis crew of Brody, Quint and Hooper and of course the terrible white shark

A collector’s item for any self-respecting fan of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, the announcement of which was accompanied by the broadcast of a Lego Movie Short Filmis a perfect mini-remake that tells the whole movie in 1 minute and 30 minutes. So, if you have never seen the 1976 movie (it is currently available on Netflix), don’t look at itat the risk of never experiencing the delicious and immense sensation of terror instilled by the adventures of Jaws.

Lego and cinema, a happy marriage

But for those who know the movie like the back of their hand, this little clip is absolutely brilliant. No words but with bubble symbols for the characters, repeating the wonderful theme music by John Williams, simply allows himself to transform the film’s violent scenes into moments of comedy, in order to remain within the scope of the family proposal and not even terrorize his audience.

Lego brand associations with major film titles or licenses have almost become the norm for Lego. Its direct foray into cinema has been a great success The Great LEGO Adventure in 2014, directed by Phil Lord and then Chris Miller Lego Batman, the movie in 2017 two productions well received by critics and commercial successes.

Source: Cine Serie

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