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Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie amazes with his new costume

Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie amazes with his new costume

Captain America 4: Anthony Mackie amazes with his new costume

Captain America 4 give your news

While Deadpool and Wolverine will hit theaters very soon (July 24 in France), and will be the only MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film of the year, several Marvel productions are currently in production. Among them is Captain America: Brave New Worldscheduled for February 12, 2025 in France. It is therefore in less than a year that one of the most famous superheroes of the MCU will return to service. Finally a new version. Why Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) decided to lay down his weapons and his vibranium shield at the endAvengers: Endgame (2019). To take over, the hero gave his blessing to Sam Wilson, (Anthony Mackie), formerly known as Falcon. And after adopting this new role in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021), the new Captain America will still have a lot to do in this next film.

A new image of Anthony Mackie

The feature film, directed by Julius Onah, is obviously awaited by Marvel fans, and for several reasons. In particular because Harrison Ford will play a major rolebut also because the film will see the return of the character of Betty Ross. Unfortunately, the latest news, which dates back to at least last November, were not the best. Captain America 4 would have had negative feedback and numerous reshoots were made. To reassure us, Anthony Mackie took advantage of this this 4th of JulyIndependence Day in the United States, we publish a new photo of him in costume, to discover below:

Anthony Mackie - Captain America 4 via Instagram
Anthony Mackie – Captain America 4 via Instagram

It’s because of him Instagram that the actor posted this image of himself in the new Captain America outfit, with his famous shield. A more sober outfit of those we were able to see Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And we have to admit that the actor is impressive. This photo doesn’t reveal much else and actually looks more like a photoshoot of an image from the film. Moreover, to accompany its publication, Anthony Mackie wrote in the caption “see you soon…”, which could suggest that a first trailer could be revealed very soon.

Source: Cine Serie

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