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Norman Reedus is set to stay on The Walking Dead for “another six or seven years”

Norman Reedus is set to stay on The Walking Dead for “another six or seven years”

Norman Reedus is set to stay on The Walking Dead for “another six or seven years”

In a new interview, the actor stated that Daryl Dixon, a spin-off of the zombie series, helped him have more opportunities with his character.

Fans of The Walking Dead (2010-2022), you can rest assured: Norman Reedus does not intend to abandon the franchise any time soon. Star of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixonthe actor stated, in a recent interview, that the spin-off series brought new opportunities for his character and he should play him for “maybe another six or seven years”.

“I wanted to reinvent the character, and they let me do it. [no spin-off]. So it all feels new, with a new language. It’s shot in different ways and it’s not really about zombies and guessing who’s going to get bitten next week. It’s totally different. So as long as I’m reinventing the character, it’s going to be fun.”declared to the Mr. Feelgood.

What is the story of Daryl Dixon?

In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl lands in France, unsure of how he got there or why. There, he finds a devastated but resilient country and searches for a way to return home. However, as he continues his journey, he forms connections that quickly complicate his plan. Watch the trailer:

Who else is in the cast of the series?

In addition to Norman Reedusthe cast of the series also includes Clemence PoesyThe Fleur Delacour of the franchise Harry Potter (2011-2011), as Isabellea member of a progressive religious group with a dark past; and Adam Nagaitisin Chernobyl (2019), as Quinnwho gained power as a black market trader and underground nightclub owner after the apocalypse.

Where to watch Daryl Dixon?

Along with other series from the universe of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon is available on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform. However, the second season, which premieres in September in the United States, has no release date yet for Brazil.

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Source: Rollingstone

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