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F1: Director Announces Film Better Than Top Gun Maverick

F1: Director Announces Film Better Than Top Gun Maverick

F1: Director Announces Film Better Than Top Gun Maverick

Brad Pitt and Joseph Kosinski Think Big

Tom Cruise was 60 when he came out Top Gun: Nonconformisthuge critical and commercial success of 2022. When will it be released in summer 2025? F1the film about the greatest car racing championship, Brad Pitt will turn 61. The Hollywood Sixties have no intention of giving way to the younger ones, and F1 could also be a huge success, and perhaps allow Brad Pitt to become the star of a billion-dollar box office movie.

“There next generation from Top Gun: Maverick”

In any case, Joseph Kosinski, director of these two films, seems to be letting it be understood in an important interview given to Expirationwhile we were able to discover this weekend the first images of F1. The director has in fact declared that the technological progress made for this new film has made its shooting possible unpublished shots.

It’s the next generation of what we did on “Top Gun: Maverick.” Everything is much smaller and the big innovation is that we can now control the movement of the cameras on the cars. We’re not stuck in the fixed positions that we had on “Top Gun.” We can now control the panning and focusing of the cameras in real time as we’re shooting thanks to a very extensive radio network that we’ve set up around the tracks.

For F1Joseph Kosinski remembered his team Top Gun: Nonconformist. The director of photography Claudio Miranda, the screenwriter Ehren Kruger and the composer Hans Zimmer are present.

Source: Cine Serie

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