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Top 10 Killer Movies on Netflix

Top 10 Killer Movies on Netflix

Movies about assassins generally have a fascination and interest in audiences. And Netflix has some interesting titles with this theme.

If you are a Netflix subscriber and want to watch suspenseful movies of this style, read on. Below, we list the 10 best killer and serial killer movies available on the platform.

The Best Killer Movies on Netflix

Mr. Brooks (2007) / Credits: MGM Distribution Co. (disclosure)

Kevin Costner stars in this thriller as Earl Brooks, a respected businessman who hides a big secret: he is a serial killer. However, Earl is far from the crimes.

However, he begins to struggle with his murderous compulsion when his bloodthirsty alter ego (William Hurt) emerges. Additionally, Earl must deal with a witness (Dane Cook) who begins blackmailing him, as well as a police detective (Demi Moore).

Mrs. Serial Killer (2020) / Credit: Netflix (disclosure)

Indian production, “A Serial Killer” is a thriller distributed by Netflix. In the plot, a respected gynecologist (Manoj Bajpayee) is arrested and framed as a serial killer. However, his wife (Jacqueline Fernandez) firmly believes in his innocence.

When all the evidence is against the doctor, the wife takes drastic measures to prove her husband’s innocence. She begins to commit murders similar to those of the serial killer.

Kiss the Girls (1997) / Credit: Paramount Pictures (advertising)

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by James Patterson, “Kisses That Kill” is a thriller that follows detective Alex Cross, played by Morgan Freeman. Ashley Judd and Cary Elwes round out the cast.

Missing from the plot is the granddaughter of detective and forensic psychologist Alex Cross (Freeman). Cross suspects that she was kidnapped by a serial killer.

Then, Alex Cross teams up with a doctor (Judd) who was the victim of the criminal but managed to escape, to solve the case. The film received a sequel titled “Into the Spider’s Web” in 2001.

Untraceable (2008) / Credits: Sony Pictures Releasing (disclosure)

Actress Diane Lane stars in the thriller “Without a Trace” as an FBI agent specializing in cybercrime.

Investigate clues to catch a serial killer who uses the Internet to broadcast his deaths in real time. The killer tortures his victims, and the intensity of the suffering increases as the number of online viewers grows.

The Clovehitch Killer (2018) / Credits: IFC Midnight (disclosure)

The plot of “The Clovehitch Killer” is inspired by the true story of American serial killer Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Killer.

In the plot, a teenager (Charlie Plummer) from a happy Christian family begins to suspect that his father (Dylan McDermott) may be the serial killer who has been haunting his small town, the Clovehitch Killer.

The Bone Collector (1999) / Credit: Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (publicity)

Based on the crime novel of the same name by Jeffery Deaver, “The Bone Collector” is a thriller directed by Phillip Noyce (“Horror on Board”) and starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

In the plot, a quadriplegic detective (Washington) and a rookie police officer (Jolie) investigate a series of murders committed by a serial killer in New York.

Mindcage (2022) / Credit: Lionsgate (disclosure)

The thriller “Mental Cage” follows two detectives who seek the help of an incarcerated killer to catch a copycat serial killer on the loose.

Martin Lawrence and Melissa Roxburgh play the police officers, while John Malkovich plays the brilliant convicted murderer.

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) / Credit: Lionsgate (advertising)

A remake of the 1981 original, “Macabre Valentine’s Day” is a slasher starring Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from the “Supernatural” series), Jaime King, Kerr Smith and Kevin Tighe.

The film revolves around a killer who terrorizes a small town wearing a miner’s suit and a pickaxe, brutally murdering people on Valentine’s Day.

David’s Secret (2018) / Credit: Elo Company (disclosure)

The Brazilian film “David’s Secret” is a suspense/horror film written and directed by Diego Freitas.

The plot follows Davi (Nicolas Prattes), a shy film student who likes to film others without being noticed. After strange events, Davi reveals himself as a serial killer who likes to film his murders and post them on the Internet.

The Stepfather (2009) / Credits: Sony Pictures Releasing (advertising)

This film is a remake of a 1987 film of the same name, loosely based on the crimes of mass murderer John List.

This version features names like Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard and Jon Tenney in the cast.

In the plot, Michael (Badgley) returns from military school and meets his mother’s (Ward) boyfriend, David (Walsh). However, Michael begins to suspect that David may be a serial killer who murders families.

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