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26 years later, what has become of Jaleel White, the unforgettable Steve Urkel of family life?

26 years later, what has become of Jaleel White, the unforgettable Steve Urkel of family life?

Recruited at the age of 13, Jalil White became the face of Little Steve Urkel in 1989, one of the main characters in Family Life and one of the most remembered. With his inimitable voice – both in VF and VO – and his ability to twist his body in all directions, he quickly became a cult hero of the small screen.

Steve (Jaleel White) and Laura (Kelly Shenighe Williams)

In 9 seasons and 215 episodes, Family Life followed the life story of the Winslows, who lived in Chicago and found themselves dealing with a clumsy and rather annoying neighbor: Steve Urkel. Created by William Bickley and Michael Warren, the show is a spin-off of Larry and Balki (1986 – 1993), which already featured the Winslows. Mark Lynn-Baker (Balky from Larry and Balky) will also star in an episode of Family Life.

But when the streak ended in 1998, what happened to Jaliel White?

Already, when he was filming Family Life, Jelly White became the voice of the character Sonic in several animated series. In 1999, he was one of the three main characters in the sitcom Grown Ups, a story of friends who graduate from college and face adulthood. This is a failure.

Jaleel White in 2023

Despite a couple of major roles in 2006 (Who Made the Potato Salad?) and 2009 (The Road to the Altar), Jahlil White struggles to find a role that reminds us of Steve Urkel.

It can be found in the Mega Shark vs. Turnstile. Crocosaurus in 2010 and followed with guest roles on television (Dr House, Les Experts, Hawaii 5-0, Bones or Castle) and brief appearances in film (4Play, The Preacher’s Son, Le 15h17 pour Paris, Le Haut of the basket. ). He continues his career today, but nothing seems to erase the memories of a generation that grew up with family life.

Source: Allocine

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