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9 Things to Hide When Guests Come Over: Advice from Professional Housekeepers

9 Things to Hide When Guests Come Over: Advice from Professional Housekeepers

9 Things to Hide When Guests Come Over: Advice from Professional Housekeepers

We explain how to prepare your home for the arrival of guests.

Cleaning before guests arrive is always a good idea. However, according to housekeepers, when we put things in order, we often don’t pay attention to things that can get in the way, spoil the impression of the house, cause an unpleasant conversation or even lead to injuries when there are a lot of people in the apartment. Here’s what experts say you should hide before the party.

What to Hide When Guests Arrive: Tips from Housekeepers and Home Staging Specialists


Let’s start with the basics: No matter what you’re treating—chronic illness, trauma, or mental illness—there’s nothing shameful about it. However, it’s best to keep medications out of the picture. “When thinking about what you don’t want your guests to see, ask yourself: Could this item spark a conversation you don’t want to hear? Most likely, medications left out in plain sight could lead to that,” says home stager Miranda Caldwell.

Home staging (from the English “home staging” – “staging a house”) is the art of preparing a property before it is sold using marketing, design and psychology techniques.

Shoes in the hallway

Hands up to anyone who has shoes lying around in the hallway! According to party planning platform creator Virginia Frischkorn, shoes, sneakers, trainers and sandals are things that should be hidden away when guests arrive. “First of all, a certain number of them look sloppy. Second, shoes take up space in the hallway, which is usually already small. And finally, something on the floor could cause someone to trip and fall,” she says.


Jackets and coats

Home staging specialist Tara Melhus believes that it is also worth removing jackets and coats from the hallway. “It’s not about order and cleanliness, it’s just about preparing the apartment for guests. They need a place to hang their outdoor gear, so it’s better to empty the closet so that later they don’t rush around the house with other people’s raincoats and trench coats in their hands, wondering where to put them and how not to make a mistake later when returning them to their owners,” she explains.

Gadget cords

“We usually get used to a tangle of wires near the sockets. There is really nothing wrong with that, but when there are a lot of people in the apartment, the cords can get in the way. In addition, someone will probably have to use the charger, so it is better to hide yours from guests, leaving room for strangers – and the visual impression of your home will be different, and no one will put your devices in an unfamiliar place to get access to the network,” says interior designer Chantelle Hartman Malarkey.

Dirty things

“We often turn a blind eye to the fact that there are not very clean towels hanging in the kitchen and bathroom, and dirty clothes are not in the basket, but waiting in the wings on the back of a chair. However, outsiders should not see all this: when cleaning the house in front of guests, it is better to put the wardrobe items in the closet and change the towels,” says Katie Barton, director of the cleaning company.

Controversial works of art

“Throwing a party is more than just setting the table and serving drinks to everyone. True hospitality means you care about people’s comfort. So when you’re cleaning the house in front of guests, remove controversial paintings from the walls—for example, erotic or violent scenes. If parents come with children, they’re unlikely to be happy about it. It’s not complicated: you can put them back up later,” Caldwell says.

Pet Toys

Even dog lovers don’t want to step on squeaky rubber ducks or trip over tug-of-war ropes. “It’s best to hide animal toys in front of guests – this is especially important if people come with children who may be left unattended and try to taste such objects. But even if you’re only expecting adults, it’s best to remove objects that could cause injury,” says Virginia.

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Dirty dishes

Even 80-level planners often finish cooking right before the party. However, says interior designer Alice Moszczynski, there is no reason to leave dirty dishes in the sink. “Organizing the space in front of guests means cleaning the kitchen. It seems to you that no one will go there, but practice shows that visitors certainly look there. In addition, dirty dishes will create odors that you do not want, so wash them or put them in the dishwasher,” she recommends.

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“You can spend all day cleaning up in front of your guests, but forgetting to empty the trash can ruin the whole experience. You’re probably used to the smell and don’t notice it, but others will notice it right away. Also, take out the trash before the party starts and don’t forget to clean the cat litter box,” Katie advises.

cleaning before guests arrive

What to Clean Before Guests Arrive: 5 Basic Things to Do

You don’t have to spend hours cleaning your house in front of your guests: focus on these basic tasks and your home will look clean and tidy.

  1. Quickly tidy up items that are out of place – just throw them in the basket and hide it (you’ll organize everything when you have time).
  2. I vacuumed the floors. This should be done with special attention in areas where guests will spend the most time, such as near the sofa.
  3. Wipe dust from large areas, especially the TV screen or plasma panel, where it is particularly visible.
  4. Wipe down large glass surfaces, such as coffee tables and mirrors, to remove fingerprints and smudges.
  5. Close the doors to rooms you haven’t had time to clean: guests don’t necessarily need to see, let alone use, the bedroom or baby’s room.

Source: The Voice Mag

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