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Box Office Failure, This R-Rated Horror Film Can Be Caught on Netflix

Box Office Failure, This R-Rated Horror Film Can Be Caught on Netflix

Box Office Failure, This R-Rated Horror Film Can Be Caught on Netflix

The Devil’s Chapel is available on Netflix

For Netflix subscribers who are fans of horror films, there is always something to eat and drink on the platform, as in the case of the recent arrival of the prequel to the greatest horror film in history, which went unnoticed at the cinema 20 years ago. And to continue the devil’s themethe platform with the red N has just added a new horror feature film that had also been a big flop in theaters: The Devil’s Chapel.

Directed by Evan Spiliotopoulos and released in 2021, this American horror film is an adaptation of the novel “Sanctuary” by James Herbert published in 1983 and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the lead role.

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The plot of The Devil’s Chapel centers on Gerry Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a discredited journalist trying to revive his career. He travels to a small New England town to investigate a series of miracles attributed to Alice Pagett (Cricket Brown), a deaf girl who claims to have been visited by the Virgin Mary. After this apparition, Alice inexplicably acquires the ability to hear, speak, and heal the sick.

As Alice’s fame grows, attracting crowds seeking miracles, terrifying events begin to occur. Fenn, initially skeptical, must determine if these miracles are divine in origin or if they hide an older, darker evil.

The plot of The Devil’s Chapel It can remind you in some points of the plot of the French film The apparition with Vincent Lindon, minus the horrible side.

A bitter failure at the French box office

Despite an intriguing story, The Devil’s Chapel did not have the expected success in France. The film attracted only 66,000 spectators, a figure well below expectations for a genre film. The same year, Summoning 3 for example he had totaled almost two million entriesand had established itself at tenth place at the French box office.

In the world, The Devil’s Chapel It grossed $31 million in revenue, on an estimated budget of $10 million.

Source: Cine Serie

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