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Tom Hanks’ son condemns racist use of his song: ‘Deplorable’

Tom Hanks’ son condemns racist use of his song: ‘Deplorable’

Tom Hanks’ son condemns racist use of his song: ‘Deplorable’

Chet Hanks’ 2021 hit “White Boy Summer” is being used by white supremacists to spread racism and sexism

Chet Hanksson of the actor Tom Hanksused his social networks to condemn the use of his music, “White Boy Summer” (“White Boys’ Summer”, in free translation), by white supremacists to promote hatred against minority groups and spread racism and sexism.

Launched in 2021, under the nickname Chet Hanxthe song is a response to “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallionand talked about “cool guys” who wanted to hang out with girls like Rihanna It is Madonnaas the lyrics say.

However, according to the NMEa report by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, an organization that monitors the spread of racism, found that the phrase has become a slogan for extremist groups. Listen:

On the social networks, Hanks made sure to make that clear: “‘White Boy Summer’ was created to be a fun and playful celebration of cool white boys who love beautiful queens of all races,” he wrote.

“Anything else in which [a mΓΊsica] has been distorted to support any kind of hatred or intolerance against any group of people is deplorable and I condemn it”Hanks continued. “I hope we can all spread love to one another and treat each other with kindness and dignity.”

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