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18 years later, this cult film starring Meryl Streep will have a sequel

18 years later, this cult film starring Meryl Streep will have a sequel

18 years later, this cult film starring Meryl Streep will have a sequel

The Devil Wears Prada Will Have a Sequel

In 2006, Lauren Weisberger’s novel, The devil wears Prada has a big screen adaptation that will become a cult classic. Starring Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt, the story follows the adventures of Andrea “Andy” Sachs, a young college graduate who lands a job as a personal assistant to Miranda Priestly, the demanding and tyrannical editor-in-chief of the fictional magazine. “Race Track” mode.

Although the position is prestigious, Andy soon finds herself overwhelmed by Miranda’s incessant and often absurd demands. Andy, who initially dreams of becoming a journalist, finds herself torn between his professional ambitions and his personal lifeincluding her relationship with her boyfriend Alex and his longtime friends.

Upon his release, The devil wears Prada It instantly became a classic and one of Meryl Streep’s best-known roles, earning her an Oscar nomination for her unforgettable portrayal of the villainous Miranda Priestly.

Eighteen years later, the Puck media (via Variety) tells us that Disney is developing a sequel that will see the return of two of the three main characters: Miranda and Emily.

Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt Returning?

The original film’s screenwriter, Aline Brosh McKenna, is currently in talks to write the new film. The story will take place years after the first film and will focus on Miranda Priestly as she attempts to maintain her influence in a changing media landscape, driven by the decline of traditional magazines and the rise of digital platforms. Emily Charlton, now a senior executive at an influential luxury group, will find herself in a position of strength against her former boss who will attempt to renew contacts to find new advertising revenue.

The balance of power will therefore be reversed in this sequel, while Miranda had betrayed Emily in the first film, depriving her of coming with her to Paris Fashion Weekand taking Andrea instead. We don’t know on what terms the two women left each other, but we don’t imagine they were very good. Miranda will therefore have to redouble her efforts to convince Emily to grant her the funds.

At the moment, the return of Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt is not confirmed, but it is difficult to imagine how Disney could move forward with this sequel without the participation of these two stars (as the studio did for the sequel to this other cult film in the series). 2000s). A return of Anne Hathaway as a guest star would also be expected.

Source: Cine Serie

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