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The Boys: A film to conclude the series after the fifth season?

The Boys: A film to conclude the series after the fifth season?

The Boys: A film to conclude the series after the fifth season?

The boys : La Crème wants to conclude with a film

After two years of waiting, Prime Video has finally revealed the fourth season of The boys. The show created by Eric Kripke is a flagship program on the streaming platform. But it will stop soon. In fact, even if the audience is good, the creator intends to conclude his story after the fifth season. This will not prevent the universe from The boys to continue with the derived series (such as Gen V of which season 2 is in preparation). However, some would like the opposition between Homelander and Butcher to continue beyond the fifth season. We think of the fans, but also of the people involved in the series. This is in any case the case of Laz Alonsothe interpreter of La Crème.

The latter participated in the podcast Happy Sad Confused to talk about the series and give your opinion on the announced ending The boys. The actor took the opportunity to express his desire to see the show end on a high note. a feature film. And he would have had a good idea to announce it, too.

For example, we could have ended the last episode of season five on a cliffhanger and announced that we were making a movie from the beginning of the series.

Eric Kripke said no

But this is just a wish of Laz Alonso that apparently will not come true. Because Eric Kripke would do it constantly he rejected this idea from the actor. This clearly shows that the author is mainly trying to tell his story in his own way and does not intend to make the show as long as possible just because it is successful.

All that remains is the idea of ​​a film to be finished The boys it wouldn’t have been absurd. On the one hand, because other series will do it (like The Mandalorian). On the other hand, since before Eric Kripke developed this program, a trilogy of films an adaptation of Garth Ennis’ comics had been considered.

The entire podcast with the team The boys can be found below:

Source: Cine Serie

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