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Nicolas Cage reveals the feature film of his filmography that he recommends

Nicolas Cage reveals the feature film of his filmography that he recommends

Nicolas Cage reveals the feature film of his filmography that he recommends

Over a hundred films scheduled for Nicolas Cage

Considered by many to be one of the most gifted comedians of his generation, Nicolas Cage starred in this film more than a hundred films during his career. From the performance that brought him to the forefront girl from the valleypublished in 1983, explored many types. In recent years the actor has returned mainly to productions with fairly modest budgets. While his new film, Long legsfalls into this category, the actor recently looked back on his career. He also revealed that the feature film you would recommend first in his filmography.

The actor reveals who he advises first

Nicolas Cage will be back in the cinema very soon Long legs. As part of the promotion of Oz Perkins’ feature film, he gave an interview to The New Yorker. The media asked him the following question in particular: “If I haven’t seen any of your films, which ones should I see?” » The actor then chose one of his most recent films. He then recommended look first Pig. He then explained why:

I think this is a story that everyone can learn from, because tragedy will hit us all sooner or later. The question is when. It’s also a film that, for me, is like a folk song. It’s a very quiet film, very gentle.

The interviewer of The New Yorker then described Pig AS “meditative”. Nicolas Cage agreed and even admitted that he was very satisfied with this aspect of the feature film. Because according to him it did not have “Never done anything like this before.” » Michael Sarnoski’s film, in which he plays a truffle hunter searching for his sow, obviously holds a special place in his heart. It touched us too (see our review).

Returns to the cinema with Long legs

As mentioned above, Nicolas Cage will be back soon Long legs. A feature film classified as a thriller with horror elements. Play there a fearsome serial killer haunted by a young FBI recruit. A tone that can recall that of a classic of the genre, The Silence of the LambsThe feature film will be released in theaters this wednesday july 10th in French cinemas, and we can already tell you that it is terrifying…

Source: Cine Serie

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