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10 Foods That Naturally Suppress Appetite and Can Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods That Naturally Suppress Appetite and Can Help You Lose Weight

10 Foods That Naturally Suppress Appetite and Can Help You Lose Weight

Find out which foods can help you control your appetite and help you lose weight without the need for drugs

The struggle with weight loss is a reality for many people and it is essential to find healthy and effective ways to control appetite. Increasing satiety through natural appetite suppressants not only helps reduce hunger but also contributes to healthy weight loss when there are no obesity-related health conditions and the need for medication intervention.

Many natural foods and substances have appetite-suppressing properties, offering a safe and healthy alternative to synthetic supplements.

Dosage is important

In an interview with Earth youNutritionist Thays Pomini explains that the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicines – medicines made entirely from plants – used by many people depend on the correct dosage.

Therefore, it is very important to seek and follow the guidance of a healthcare professional before taking natural suppressants for the purpose of satisfying hunger, as some herbal medicines can interact with medications and there is no guarantee of the purity and potency of the ingredients. Another solution is to include foods in your daily life that will help you in this process.

10 Foods That Naturally Suppress Appetite:


Foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, increase the feeling of satiety and slow down digestion.


Chicken breast, eggs, meat, fish, tofu help prolong the feeling of satiety and stabilize blood sugar levels.


Drinking water before meals can help reduce hunger and calorie intake.

Green tea

Contains catechins which can increase fat burning and reduce appetite.


Caffeine can increase metabolism and temporarily decrease appetite.


Rich in fiber and protein, these seeds can help reduce appetite.


It can help reduce hunger and improve digestion. It is also thermogenic


Rich in healthy fats and fiber, avocados can help keep you feeling full.

Walnuts and chestnuts

Although they are high in calories, a small amount can help curb hunger thanks to their fiber, protein and healthy fat content.


It has an effect on appetite control and blood sugar regulation, delaying the feeling of hunger.

Source: Terra

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