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Prime Video Unveils Trailer for Its Loft Story Underside Series

Prime Video Unveils Trailer for Its Loft Story Underside Series

Prime Video Unveils Trailer for Its Loft Story Underside Series

Prime Video Unveils Trailer for Its Behind-the-Scenes Series at The Loft

Prime Video today revealed the first images of Culthis series inspired by the behind the scenes of the cult reality show History of the attic which will be available exclusively on the platform from 18 October 2024.

The field:

Paris, 2001. The World Trade Center towers are still standing and the French are world champions… M6 launches its new program History of the attic. Isabelle, Raphaël, Karim and their teams have less than four months to get the show on the air. A crazy gamble for these young producers. They are the first in the field of “real TV” and they have to invent everything. Cult It is a fictional series inspired by real events.

Cult is composed by six episodes of 52 minutes eachThe cast is composed in particular by Marie Colomb, who plays Loana, but also by Sami Outalbali (seen in Sex education), César Domboy, Nicolas Briançon and even Anaïde Rozam.

Loft Story: A Cult Show That Changed French Television

In 2001, the French television landscape was shaken by the arrival of History of the attica reality show that would revolutionize the genre and leave an indelible mark on popular culture. Broadcast on M6, this French adaptation of Big Brother quickly sparked passionate debate and, most importantly, captured the attention of millions of viewers, ushering in the era of reality television that continues to this day.

History of the attic It is based on a simple but effective concept: locking several candidates in a house, or “loft”, cut off from the outside world, and film them 24 hours a day. The participants, chosen for their diversity of personalities and appearances, are constantly monitored by cameras, giving viewers unprecedented access to their daily lives, interactions and conflicts.

Each week the candidates are subjected to a public vote that decides their subsequent eliminations until the final winner is elected. Viewers could follow the adventures of the “lofters” live or through daily and weekly recaps.

History of the attic immediately captivated the French public, reaching impressive audience levels. The finale of the first season attracted more than 11 million viewers. The show also generated enormous media coverage, with heated debates over the legitimacy and moral implications of reality television.

The success of History of the attic introduced new faces to the French media landscape, some of whom went on to pursue careers in media and entertainment. Among them, Loana Petrucciani, winner of the first season, has become an emblematic figure of reality TV in France.

Source: Cine Serie

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