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Ilenia opens the doors of “El Refugio”, her first album

Ilenia opens the doors of “El Refugio”, her first album

Ilenia opens the doors of “El Refugio”, her first album

Ilenia presents “El Refugio”, her first albumWhich consists of ten songs clean. And with a well-defined footprint…

“The album was a political project and not just an artistic one, since I made it in conditions that I considered feminist. I believe that art is not only political because of the message it transmits (in this case, for example, the lyrics of a song) but also because of the conditions in which it is produced.I suggested forming a team in which women would be the majority. and, at the same time, I tried to make the spaces occupied by women positions of power or decision in the artistic process,” said the singer.

And he didn’t lie. In the 36 minutes of the album, the reflection on history appears in “La Memoria” (which was released as the first single) or in “Afuera de mí” (which is the song that opens the album and is quite peculiar because it has a sample of a person telling what life was like in the tenements, and in terms of “genre”, it fuses candombe with rock and it is the song from which the video clip will come).

“Through Our Eyes” is a song that tells the subjective change that it meant for women to find themselves from Ni una Menos to reaching the conquest of abortion in 2020.

And also the feminist reflection on love is present in “Animal” or in “La Habana y Gavilán” which is a piano and voice ballad that closes the album.

There is a song that has charango (“The Bird”) and the imprint of folklore is felt not only in the incorporation of the instrument that the artist studied for a few years, but in the fusion of many rhythms.

“I think it’s a very special project and I’ve always tried to give it my own mark,” added Ilenia, who has Marilina Bertoldi, Noelia Recalde, Melanie Williams, Lucía Ferreira and Lucy Patané as references or sources of inspiration.

Source: Qmusica

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