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Moon Knight: How did Oscar Isaac develop two voices for a Marvel series character?

Oscar Isaac enlisted the help of his brother to work on different voices for Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac revealed what it was like to develop two different voice tones for the same character in moon knight. character from the series Marvel with the Disney+ suffers from multiple personality disorder.

“The first step was to hire my brother, Michael Hernandez, to live the other self. That’s the closest thing to me on Earth,” he explained to CBR. Hernandez would interpret so much Marc Spector (real name of moon knight), as one of his alternate personalities, Steven Grantwhile testing better options for voice.

the intention of Isaac was to look for something close, but not identical to the moon knight. The actor also recalled some of the difficulties in playing the two characters in the scenes:

Something I hadn’t thought about before was the technical demand to decide which character I was going to shoot first. Then I would hand the lines to my brother, and do the scene again, alternating characters. [Essa dificuldade acontece] because the coolest thing about acting is letting spontaneous moments happen when you don’t expect them. But there was no opportunity for that. I needed to find what would make it spontaneous, so it was challenging.

the series of Marvel must show how the moon knight identified the personality disorder itself. In the comics, the antihero’s personas are connected to the traumas he faced when he was a mercenary.

moon knight (2022)

The series is based on the character of the same name from the comics marvel comics and besides Isaac as moon knightcount with Ethan Hawke (before dawn) how Midnight Man and May Calamawy (ramy). The production premiered on Disney+ on March 30, 2022. Check out the trailer:

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